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Spotify Music Promotion Campaign

Spotify music promotion

Spotify is a very popular and fast growing music streaming platform with millions of artists to choose from in many different genres of music. Because of the platforms massive popularity and an endless amount of content, it can be hard for artists to receive attention to their material. As an artist streams increase, so does his or her popularity which then allows them to become visible to potential fans and listeners.  Get high quality Spotify music promotion today for your album or single while boosting your artist popularity. Our Spotify music promotion is a 14 to 35 day campaign that uses the power of targeted marketing, blog placement and email marketing to successfully deliver these streams to each of our of clients.  Drop down below and purchase our Spotify music promotion campaign now! 
  • FREE USA/Overseas targeting available
  • Royalty eligible streams
  • Blog placement
  • Email marketing
  • Target marketing (ad)
  • Increase Spotify monthly listeners
  • Increase popularity
  • FREE split on albums 
Promotion for 100,000 or less streams can be completed within a 30 day period. Promotions for 100,000 or more can take longer depending on how many streams are purchased. 

Order Spotify plays promotion below. For custom orders over 100,000 please contact us!

*You can purchase these streams for playlists!!

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