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Professional 3D Work Spaces

Digital Real Estate

AspectSoft pioneers since 2007 in remote work offices, schools, exhibition centers, museums, agencies. The insignificant cost of a digital space expands the functionality of businesses - organizations. Our solutions elevate business capabilities, enabling companies to seamlessly unite their employees, customers, and agents in a cohesive and engaging interactive ecosystem. Transform your operations, foster collaboration, and expand your horizons with AspectSoft's innovative digital spaces.

Why Digital Spaces

Our experience on the feeling of employees in digital spaces is that their productivity skyrockets, as the good psychology and interaction with the team helps the production of ideas, initiatives, solutions. In addition, globalized markets require a warm intimate atmosphere for cooperation that is not achieved by the old telephone, nor by the restrictions of video conferencing. New branches in each country can be added very easily and their costs are practically zero.

Connection with physical offices and e-Business

The connection of a digital space with the physical electronic services of a company/organization enables the exchange of content, voice communication and sharing of information to and from the outside world. Typically, we mention that power switches in the digital world, through an analog converter, can turn on and off the lights in the corresponding physical office/space, and cameras of physical spaces can be projected into the digital areas. Physical health hazards such as in chemical plants disappear as factories can be safely controlled through their digital equivalent.

Award-winning application for remote work and connectivity with e-business


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